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Kenny Choo

PhD candidate
School of Information Systems
80 Stamford Road, Singapore 178902
Singapore Management University

I am working on context-aware systems - in particular systems that support Empathetic Computing. I am interested in developing smarter systems that can help us in our daily life both for the able-bodied, as well as the disadvantaged. Some examples of these include aiding communication between parent and child, or to help user interface designers situate their designs when they design for the elderly or less abled.

I have previously worked on a sketch-based system to assess creativity and have that currently on hold. If you have interest in collaborating on this, drop me a mail to let me know! I have collected much informal sketch data (vectors and time data) that will be useful for many types of sketch research.



Empathetic Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Context-Aware Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Wearables, Sketching Systems, Wearables, Emotion Recognition, Facial Recognition.


Top conferences in Human Computer Interaction

I am a 4th year PhD student in the School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University. I am currently working on Empathetic Computing through Mobile Sensing and Context Monitoring with Asst Prof Lee Youngki, Assoc Prof Rajesh Krishna Balan and Assoc Prof Archan Misra.

In a previous life, I worked on Human Factors in Learning and Training in DSO National Laboratories, performing both technical and project management roles.

I obtained my B.Eng (Electrical) from the National University of Singapore, and my M.Sc in Vision, Imaging and Virtual Environments from University College London.